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"Nicole sweeps through chaos leaving calm in her wake. Her inherent organizational skills benefit
her clients by leaving spaces decluttered and providing them room to breathe."

—Claire, Mentor, Ohio

"Nicole has the perfect personality to be a professional organizer. She is task oriented, quite
pleasant to work with, has exquisite taste—and is, of course, very well organized. When she helped me, I was hesitant to let anyone see 'my dirty little secrets.' I tend to put things in piles, baskets and rubbermaid containers and forget about them. Nicole not only helped me sort through my piles, she helped me initiate a system to avoid the problem in the future and was not satisfied until she knew that the system was working for me. She even went shopping with me to help me find the right tools to put my system in place. I would recommend her to anyone and plan to use her again."

—Sam, Novelty, Ohio

"With little time and the constant flow of incoming paperwork, daily mail, children's school information, a collection of recipes, etc., my main desk in our kitchen was in a constant state of chaos. Nicole came in and thoughtfully assessed the space, the files, and had the working knowledge to come up with an easy plan to not only conquer the clutter, but created a simple, useful, functional space that is easy to follow and in check.”

—Katie, Gates Mills, OH

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